GlassFish on your OpenSolaris (on your VirtualBox)

The new OpenSolaris-branded distribution was launched at CommunityOne (PR, GetIt); together with efforts like OpenSolaris.COM and TheObservatory it is intended to help the users of OpenSolaris complementing the developer-focused OpenSolaris.ORG.

I think will see significant increased adoption of OpenSolaris in the next few months. Other trends that will help are the increased adoption of VirtualBox (home page, vb at TA, LinuxJournal Award), the new IPS package system, and more familiarization with features like ZFS, DTrace and IPS.


Several people in GlassFish have started doing more things with OpenSolaris and we will track them through TA. Here are some useful initial pointers:

Installing OpenSolaris on VB on MacOSX.
Official OS Docs
• Amitsaha's IPS Overview and official Getting Started with IPS document.
• Alexis' GF v2 on OpenSolaris and official Installing GFv2 from IPS document.
• Arun's JRuby on Rails an MySQL on VB


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