GlassFish on a (Solaris Express) Zone

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Dick Davis (Rasputkin) is the author of Number 9 where he covers a number of topics, including hardware, Solaris and System Administration.

Dick had some reservations about J2EE but RoR on GF and the GF v2 beta contest encouraged him to give GlassFish a try and he seems to like it so far. Dick's first GF-related blog explains in detail how to start GlassFish on a Zone. Since then he wrote another good one, explaining how to Use DTrace on JVMs and applying this to GlassFish.

Solaris Zones and GlassFish mix well together. For example, the GlassFish Wiki just moved to its new location, a GlassFish instance on a Solaris Zone, and John has written quite a bit about GlassFish and Zones.


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