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GlassFish 3.2 kicked off with a first Milestone! But to be really honest this milestone is mostly about integrating some bug fixes and has no major new feature. Yet if you're curious, get it from this page.

For more details on the content of GlassFish 3.2, I'd recommended reading Shreedhar's email to the GlassFish DEV mailing list. Expect more communication on this channel from him as he's the engineering manager for this important new release.

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For the time being, you can read the plans for GlassFish 3.2 (work in progress) defining Virtualization Support and PaaS Enablement as the main two goals and sharing a roadmap showing a total of 8 milestones leading up to October 2011. So as you can see this is a short development cycle yet with many interesting new features as you'll soon hear on this blog, on the wiki (feature list) and in the milestones. Full steam ahead!

Next stop - Milestone 2 on April 26th.


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