GlassFish Mailing Lists - 213k emails and counting


We now have all the mailing lists operational and migrated with full history to the new infrastructure for GlassFish and its sub-projects. The existing addresses will keep on working, but the preferred domain is now (no \*.dev.\*).

For anyone interested, this represents 29 mailing lists for the main GlassFish project alone (the biggest one of the 161 projects migrated) with 213 741 individual messages accounting for a 26GB tarball archive...

Since this has worked well for us so far, we're keeping the email/forum bridge up and running. This will post every email sent to the USERS mailing list ( as a post on the GlassFish Forum and vice-versa. Sun had a very strong email culture while many others feel more comfortable with posting to forums. Use which ever works best for you! Also remember that archives for all those lists are available from (of course), from MarkMail, and Nabble.

For a full status on the now completed migration efforts, check out this announcement email.


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