GlassFish Mailing Lists Crosses 10K posts per month

We crossed 10K (10,243) posts in the combined GlassFish mailing lists in September 2008 (MarkMail, Snapshot). The previous high mark was August 08 with 6,891.


Traffic on users only was 1,363 posts (MarkMail, Snapshot); Jul'08 (1,465) and Oct'07 (1,481) were higher, but that is because some traffic moved to the quality mailing list (MarkMail, Snapshot) which was 712 in Sept, up from 506 in Aug, and from 46 in July!

Quality and Users combined (MarkMail, Snapshot) is growing very fast with the best 3 numbers so far: 2,075 (Sept), 1,756 (Aug) and 1,511 (July).

So far, very nice adoption. Stay tuned for the download numers... you will like them! :-)


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