GlassFish Lightning Talks this Monday at CommunityOne

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CommunityOne is now as early as this next Monday. Among the GlassFish-related sessions we'll have a set of eight "lightning talks" at 4pm in Esplanade 305. The topics and speakers for this 1-hour session have only been confirmed recently so they didn't make it into the official schedule.

Here's the list: GreenFire (a recent JAX award), Underworld (Adam Bien), IzPack (Julien's contribution), Terracotta (Ari Zilka), SailFin (Ericsson's Christer Boberg), RTL use-case (by Daniel Chan), Hudson and Embedded GlassFish (by Kohsuke).

These talks will be very fast paced and some really nothing but a demo. I think we have a good line-up to make this an interesting session for everyone. Hope to see you there. As a reminder, CommunityOne is a free event. Registration is here.


CommunityOne is free but space is limited; register early.


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