GlassFish in Zurich (Jazoon)

GlassFish Day Jazoon logo

GlassFish is swimming East to India and Australia in the next couple of weeks:
- GlassFish Day in Hyderabad, India, Feb 29th 2008
- GlassFish Day in Sydney, Australia, March 6th 2008

After the mandatory stop in the Bay Area for CommunityOne, JavaOne and GlassFish-specific activities, GlassFish is heading for Switzerland for the Jazoon conference (see Christian's blog about this).

The agenda isn't yet finalized, but Jerome Dochez (GlassFish Architect) will be one of several speakers and will cover GlassFish v3 (interesting progress should be made in the coming months). This page will track the agenda as we go. Note this is a FREE event for all (the Jazoon web page isn't clear about this).


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