GlassFish in China - SunTech Days, Chinese Book, and more...

Cover of GF Book in Chinese

SunTech Days in China were a couple of weeks ago in Shangai and Beijing (Chinese Home Page, TechDays Blog). They both had content related to GlassFish, check specially Arun's Summary from Beijing.

One of the highlights was the announcement of our first GF Book in Chinese. Also, the release of GlassFish Localized into 7 languages, including Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

We continue to see increased dowloads and activity in China; for example, see the latest GlassFish GeoMap.

GlassFish-related events are happening all the time; another was SunTech Day in Tokyo last week. I know that Greg presented on jMaki and GlassFish but I believe he has not yet published a note about the event. I'll keep you posted.


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