Record GeoMap Hits and 350K GFv2 Registrations


Paul has updated our Geomap to include data through February 2009. Some statistics:

GF v2 Registrations - 351,130 (260K in Dec 4th, 200K in Sep 25th, 150K in Jul 14th).
  Monthly hits was new high: 493,515; IPs was 2nd high: 45,559 (but Feb has 28d)
GF v3 Prelude Registrations - 74,257.
Admin Pings - 7,031,225 from 596,985 different IPs
Update Center Pings - 117,552 in February (new high); total of 715,579 users.

The usual disclaimer: these metrics have flaws but they all show strong growth.

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