GlassFish Gem for Rails - GF v3 Starts Delivering

We have been improving how jRuby and GlassFish run together (entries) and Jerome now has a Ruby Gem that makes the process as simple as possible. Ruby Gems are the Ruby package mechanism, similar in spirit to RPMs or pkg(1) for Solaris, which enables very natural encapsulation of the functionality.

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The result is:

Install jRuby
gem install rails
gem install glassfish
gem install whatever else you need
create your rails app
run your rails app! -- runs on GlassFish!

Can't get any simpler than that!

The GlassFish GEM is one of the first concrete deliveries from GlassFish v3; don't rush to go production on this :-), but the future is bright! See more details in Arun's writeup and in the Mail Thread.

Added: Also see the report by Charles.


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