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A recent thread at TSS discussed that BEA had certified WLS 10 Technology Preview against the Java EE 5 CTS. That's great news for platform adoption but I'll admit I was unhappy when I read a comment in that same thread that said:

GlassFish doesn't count since the public opinion is to avoid using Sun software except for the JDK...

I find the comment specially grating as BEA is Using GlassFish's Java EE 5 WS Stack in WLS 10. And Sun is using it in Sun's JDK6! And there are more adopters; a non-exhaustive list for JAX-WS includes BEA, Tmax Soft's JEUS 6, Sun's JDK, and more (adoption). The list for JAXB is longer, also including JBoss, Geronimo, Celtix, XFire... (adoption)

I believe GlassFish's Web Services layer is the best in the market; but obviously we need to (continue to?) improve our communication story :-(

Oh well; we will get there eventually - all the annecdotal indicators I see point to strong adoption.


Yes you will have to improve it, and it will be an uphill battle. Everyone pretty much knows that for a long time Sun's software just didn't measure up, so you have to overcome that baggage, no matter how good the software is. Bad software with marketing and muscle (WebSphere is the post child here) will win everyday against good software with no marketing and even worse with a bad history.

Posted by Robert on March 06, 2007 at 01:17 AM PST #

Hi Robert - If it was 1999, or even 2004, I'd agree with you, but the information flow in 2007 has changed a lot with Blogs, Google and all the other social networks. I'm not minimizing the challenge - I certainly know how hard it is, but I think that, ultimately, we will change the perception.

Also, I looked at your blog on using GF and noticed the comment about GF v1 on Linux. There was a problem with file descriptor leakage in some versions of RH; it was fixed for sure on GFv1UR1 in November 06 or so. I don't remember the details, but if you can't find it, let me know (pelegri@sun.com) or just ask directgly at the USERS alias at GlassFish.dev.java.net.

Thanks, - eduard/o

Posted by eduardo pelegri-llopart on March 06, 2007 at 02:26 AM PST #

I think this is where things get silly. JBoss, BEA and IBM all will be certifying against Glassfish because Sun decided that it is the reference implementation for JEE. Many will be including "glassfish" because Sun decided to open source the JEE libraries as part of the glassfish project. I think these couplings actually weaken Sun's open source efforts rather than strengthen them. I think that Glassfish can stand on its own feet and feats as an application server.

Posted by Andy on March 06, 2007 at 09:02 PM PST #

Hi Andy. I appreciate your support for GlassFish; thanks. But I am not sure I follow the other part of your comment. JBoss, BEA and IBM (or whoever) do not certify "against GlassFish". They certify by passing the CTS (test suite). They happen to be using some of GlassFish's components, but they do that because they are high quality components, while reducing their costs. Or did I misread your comment? - eduard/o

Posted by eduardo pelegri-llopart on March 08, 2007 at 11:51 AM PST #

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