GlassFish Day Session #4 - Visit the Future...

Visit Session #4 of GlassFish Day and Travel to the Future to the future... The session will cover at least these two topics:

Time Tunnel

•  Jerome will present the plans for GlassFish v3, a server-side Java container that scales from small devices to enterprise deployments, loads services on demand, uses classloaders to isolate class dependencies, starts very fast and has low resource comsumption. Status update and demo will be included.

•  Trey will show and demo the latest news on OpenID support in OpenSSO and OpenDS.

I believe that compressed versions of the demos shown in this session may also show in some of the keynotes at JavaOne. A big difference is that at GlassFish Day you will have the opportunity to grill/question the presenters in a much smaller setting :-)

GlasssFish Day is part of CommunityOne; events include keynotes by Jonathan and Rich as well as multiple tracks, multiple demo stations, free lunch and goodies, and complimentary access to some JavaOne events next day. Attendance is free but limited and you need to register.


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