GlassFish Day @ Jazoon: D-3 (Agenda posted)

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(this should have been out a few days ago but somehow got stuck in the queue...)
We've finally got around to publishing the final version of the Jazoon GlassFish Day agenda. Clearly you'll notice it's not only about GlassFish the app server but rather about the broader and growing GlassFish community.

We'll have a pretty packed agenda with shorter than usual 45-minute sessions on JAX-RS/Jersey, Comet/IceFaces (See Ted's post), OpenESB, Tooling, JavaEE, OpenDS, and GlassFish v3. We'll even have a session with a topic based on attendance feedback, courtesy of Ludo Champenois.

As a reminder, this is a free event, but you need to register. I'll try to record the sessions and make them available on the GlassFish podcast.


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