GlassFish Components in BEA's WebLogic Server 10.0

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BEA has released WebLogic Server 10.0, as a Technology Preview for their Java EE 5 support. The specific versions of the JCP specs supported are listed here and the Java EE 5 Web Services technologies are well represented since BEA is using the GlassFish implementations for JAX-WS 2.0, and JAXB 2.0, which were part of GlassFish v1 UR1 (latest release).

The one major area I see not yet up-to-date is the Web Tier: JSF, Servlet, JSP (see the Java EE 5 list of technologies), but BEA has repeatedly expressed their interest in fully supporting the latest standards, so stay tuned. They should also be incorporating soon the latest Web Services stack, with is part of GlassFish v2.

Congratulations to BEA and looking forward to further cooperation. And thanks to Jaime for the Tip.


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