GlassFish at The University of North Carolina

A North Carolina License Plate Reading: "GLASSFISH"

Our latest Adoption Story looks at how GlassFish is powering the IT infrastructure knowledgebase for the Universify of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The development team initially worried that a full Java EE container might be too heavyweight and complex for their needs. But after a little experimentation, they found that it actually simplified their project. GlassFish also met their app's extensive integration requirements (incorporating Spring, Acegi, Facelets, Tomahawk, Nux, XOM, Abdera, AspectJ, SVNKit, Sesame, and more).

One other interesting tidbit... Having been founded in 1789, UNC is the oldest public university in the United States. So we now have Adoption Stories for America's oldest public and private universities. That puts GlassFish in some pretty good company. :)


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