GlassFish at Devoxx 2009


The Devoxx conference is around the corner (in just over a week) and will take place in Antwerp, Belgium as every year, only a bit earlier than usual (December was just too close to the Christmas holidays).

This week-long conference runs as follows: the first two days are 3-hour sessions to go deeper into the technology (they're called University sessions). The regular conference starts on the third day and offers keynotes and 1-hour sessions. Devoxx also has "Tools in actions" (30-minute), "BOFs", Quickies (15-minute), white boards, and more.

First and foremost, the Wednesday Sun and Oracle keynotes should not be missed (or to be watched later on Parleys) :
Java, the Platform for the Future - Steve Harris (Oracle)
Java EE 6 and GlassFish V3: Evolution of a Platform - Roberto Chinnici and Ludo Champenois.

But there's a also long list of GlassFish and Sun-related session for this year's session :

University talks :
Enhancing the JavaServer Faces 2.0 Component Model - Roger Kitain
SOA, OpenESB and OpenSSO Programming with Passion - Sang Shin
The Java EE 6 Platform University - Antonio Goncalves, Alexis MP

JDK7 Update - Mark Reinhold
The Java EE 6 Platform - Antonio Goncalves
Writing Asynchronous Web application (Comet) using the Atmosphere Framework - Jean-Francois Arcand, Paul Sandoz
Project Coin - Joe Darcy
Using BTrace and DTrace to Instrument and Analyse Java Applications - Simon Ritter
Enhancing the JavaServer Faces 2.0 Component Model - Roger Kitain
Managing GlassFish on OpenSolaris - Simon Ritter
The Modular Java Platform & Project Jigsaw - Mark Reinhold
Deep dive on the Java EE 6 platform with GlassFish V3 - Roberto Chinnici, Ludo Champenois

Grizzzly Servlet Container - Jean-Francois Arcand
Update JDK 7 - Mark, Alex, and Brian
The Modular Java Platform & Project JigSaw - Mark Reinhold, Alex Buckley

Java EE 6 and OSGi. Ludo Champenois

See you there!


I will be there and i will not miss those glassfish + jee6 sessions...
Hope to see and test the new javafx designer tool..


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