GlassFish at CommunityOne

Here is a very brief sketch of GlassFish-related activities at CommunityOne; I'll flesh it out over the weekend - we are in the last stretch before JavaOne and "free" blogging time is limited - just as news peak up.

Sunday before JavaOne - unconference in the afternoon at the Moscone. Alexis will organize this, with discussion at the advocacy at mailing list.

Sunday before JavaOne - party in the evening in the Moscone area. PaulH and JohnC will organize this, details still TBD.

Monday is CommunityOne. There are demos, a track and many sessions.

General Session - with Keynote speakers
Demos - ESB, Portal, SocialNetworks, GFv2 and v3, UC and more, with sneak previews.
Track - Overview of v2 and v3, scripting, tools, and more, also sneak previews.
Lighting Talks - Part of GF track, several mini-presentations.
Other GF-realted Talks - Last count there were around 15 GF-related sessions
Party - There is a nice party at the end of the day.


The room allocation for a track is based on the number of people registered in that track; please register for the GF if you are interested.


Sunday un-conference discussion started here:

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