GlassFish and Vista Interoperability

Duke Tango

Rima and Arun both have recently published nice overview blogs on how to do Web Services Interoperability between GlassFish and Vista (MS home, Wikipedia) using the WSIT technologies.

These technologies are developed in the GlassFish community and build on the new WebServices stack. The stack is included in GlassFish v2 although it can be used (with some limitations) in other containers.

Rima's blog starts by describing exactly what versions to download, then she provides simple Java and C# programs that do simple interoperability; check her blog. Arun's blog follows a similar approach, except that he has been building up a series of Screencasts and blogs where he is trying to cover quite extensively all the functionality.

The next WSIT milestone should be out within the next couple of days; I know the WSIT team is working on a number of blogs covering all the the new functionality. We will report more then.

Added: WSIT M3 is out now; I'll put together a master index for the blogs in a future entry.


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