GlassFish and NetBeans Google Trends Charts

Google Trend for GlassFish

Dan Farber recently published an entry on Sun Working on its listening gene at the Between the Lines blog at ZDNet. Dan had nice things to say about Sun's new attitude and then did some data mining using Google Trends that he interpreted as being inconclusive about adoption. Next was Jamey who Looked More Carefully.

The more detailed data is still a bit inconclusive for "Niagara" (but I think the problem here is that the waterfall volume is drowning the Chip noise), but it was clearly positive for NetBeans and GlassFish. Dan was nice enough to incorporate the new data in his Follow-Up

We are certainly in a brave new world where information is flowing in very interesting ways. The level of adoption that GlassFish has achieved in very short time could have never happened in the old days of... just a few years ago...


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