GlassFish adoption by numbers - 200K Registrations, 435K IPs, 300K UC UUIDs


As of August '08, we have 4,344,705 cumulative hits, and 435,670 cumulative distinct IP addresses measured by the GlassFish GeoMap. This metric has its limitations, so...

We started providing optional registration late December '07; today we passed the 200K registrations, with over 150K registered distinct users. And, in late March we also started counting UpdateCenter ids; we already have over 300K.

You can see our latest download numbers here, but I'll wait one more week for the September numbers (and hopefully fixed NetBeans numbers) before reporting in more detail on those.


Optional registration provide amazing results. That's good news!

I am adding this to my "Perfect Login" reference page.


Posted by JeanHuguesRobert on September 30, 2008 at 07:18 PM PDT #

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