GlassFish 3 and Eclipse - OEPE, Screencasts

Although GlassFish has excellent adoption in the NetBeans community we can do better with the Eclipse folks, and that was the goal for the GlassFish Tools Bundle for Eclipse from Ludo et al. (Download, Docs, notes).

In the last months we have fine-tuned the story because Oracle also had the Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse and we are combining the two. So, happy to report that the latest OEPE ( is now available supporting Eclipse 3.6 (Helios) and GlassFish 2.x and 3.x - see  download page or Eclipse Marketplace.

More details at the Developer Tools Blog, with posts by Duncan and Pieter, and from Greg Stachnick's blog. To coincide with this, Arun has created a screencast series on this topic - see his blog, or navigate directly to the PlayList at the new Official GlassFishVideos @ YouTube.


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