Generating Dynamic RMI-IIOP Ties and Skeletons - And ORB for GlassFish v2

The Earth from Apollo 17

The CORBA implementation was recently Released as part of Project GlassFish. In his most recently blog entry, Ken describes how Stubs and Skeletons are Dynamically Generated in the current implementation to substantially reduce deployment time (full details are here).

Although this CORBA implementation is very solid, there are changes planned in the near future and Ken also mentions some of them (also check the GlassFish-Corba home page). As with all components in Project GlassFish, we are actively interested in participation; if you are interested contact the team or Ken directly.

The photo: the Earth from Apollo 17, a fairly small Orb, as galactic objects go, but a bit bigger than other famous orbs.


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