GAP Status Report

Several people have asked about the status of the GAP program, so here is a very quick update.


According to the rules, the submission period closed end of June; the list of submissions is at GapSubmissions, with 260 bug submissions and 52 contribution submissions. The next step was for the program judges, which were Gregg Sporar, Simon Phipps, Paul Sterk, Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine and myself.

The summer slowed down a bit the evaluation process but for the last 4 weeks the jury, with help from the leads of the different projects, validated the bug submissions and judged the contributions. We also applied some of the contest rules, like no more than 5 winners for Bugs and 1 per contribution.

There were many, very good, submissions and the judges reflected that quality by spreading the awards. We have reported the results to the outside company that is helping with the final steps, so we cannot give you the final report yet, but we can give you some ballpark information. We have around 102 winners with very wide geographic distribution. We expect all the contribution prizes to be awarded, and we expect around 16 honorable mentions.

More details as soon as we get final confirmations!


Am I the only one who's getting nervously excited at the impending news... It's like being at Vegas... :-D

Posted by David Hayes on August 27, 2008 at 05:12 PM PDT #

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