Fuji M5 Now Available


Fuji continues to make progress. Fuji M3 was Released last November but I missed M4 (but see Annies' note on Logging). M5 was released last week (Downloads) and Andi has just published a Release Summary that complements the M5 Wiki page.

Andi and Kirill also gave a nice webinar on Fuji last Thursday; see the webinar page for links to the screencasts and the presentation - I'm afraid I'm a bit behind and have not yet uploaded the recording.

And, on related news, the recent Release of OpenESB v2.1 M2 has been well received, notably the ability to install OpenESB directly on a pre-existing GlassFish installation; see the notes by Manfred and Giovani.

Added Also see Mark's Post on M4 and M5; as he points out the instructions on M4 are here.


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