From Grizzly to JBI with a pinch of Groovy


The goal of every specification (say Java EE 5) is to make sense as a whole and document how it relates to other specification and technologies. A product (say GlassFish) needs to augment the specification with a set of coherent features to provide yet a more powerful and competitive toolset.

GlassFish v2 has Grizzly (the nio framework), OpenESB 2.0 (the JBI implementation) and will soon have a SIP capabilities with project SailFin. This enables James Lorenzen to build a JBI Binding Component for RSS in Java but also in Groovy. Speaking of OpenESB, the list of binding components and service engines available is growing fast and the OpenESB tooling is getting better by the day.

Probably one of the great strengths of Groovy is the ability to mix and match with Java. Any Java code (almost?) is valid Groovy code so you can introduce the dynamic and agile code to places requiring many fast changes while keeping the rest static and performing fast. Grails (a web application framework using Groovy) runs well on GlassFish and we're interested in making sure all the value-add from GlassFish (say Metro) is fully available to Groovy and Grails developers.


We are also working on providing the ESB/JBI community with SIP capabilities with the SIP Binding Component:

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