From Continuous Integration to Continuous Improvement - And More Hudson Features...

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Continuous Integration is gaining wider adoption; for example, check the recent Zutubi article and the TSS thread. One trend we have gone through in the GlassFish Community is a transition from Continuous Integration to Continuous Improvement. Not just do we integrate builds and functionality testing, but we are also integrating performance testing. That is the only way we can avoid Regressions.

Our main tool for continuous improvement is Hudson, and in recent releases it has acquired the notion of plug-ins, including those for Japex. The latest release of Hudson is 1.47, check Kohsuke's blog; and also see some nice words about Hudson here. As part of Transparency, we are planning to export more of the GF continuous improvement reports, like how we did with the eMail delay reports.

Added: Check Santiago's entry on the Japex Plugin.


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