Friday Tips #4: Verisign certs in GlassFish, Tapestry Jumpstart, JAX-RS Security Context Sample, ...

Here are some tips that have been recently published on Java EE 6 & GlassFish:

Informational Sign

Steps to configure Verisign SSL certificate in Oracle Glassfish
Using Tapestry Jumpstart in GlassFish 2.1
A simple JAX-RS security context example in GlassFish
EJB 3.1 + Hessian = (Almost) Perfect Binary Remoting
Initial Support for GlassFish Server 3.1 in NetBeans
SailFin-CAFE GreetingService Demo
CAFE : Sending large file(s) from remote client browser to a Conference using MSRP APIs
Running GlassFish 3.1 on Ubuntu 10.04 AMI on Amazon EC2

Let us know if you have seen or published a detailed tip like shown above and we'll be happy to share them.

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