Friday Tips #2: Migrating JSF 1.2 + RichFaces to Java EE 6, Embedded and Arquillian, EJB 3.1 Timer, ...

Here are some tips that have been recently published on Java EE 6 & GlassFish:

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Migrating JSF 1.2 + RichFaces 3.x to Java EE 6 / GlassFish v3
Mercurial and OpenSolaris and GlassFish
How do I setup a DataSource in Embedded GlassFish when using Arquillian?
Learning GlassFish v3 Command Line Administration Interface (CLI)
Java EE 6: Understanding Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI), Part 1 - (in Japanese)
Example of EJB 3.1 Stateful Session Bean and Servlet
Message Driven Bean Example with Servlet Client
EJB 3.1 Timer Simple Example
How to set up an Ubuntu, Glassfish, MySQL, Java stack
GlassFish 3.1 Milestone 1 - Clustering and App Versioning, Screencast #1 and #2

Let us know if you have seen or published a detailed tip like shown above and we'll be happy to share them.

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