First use of GlassFish embedded - EHCache Server

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Greg Luck, EHCache maintainer and GlassFish community member has been busy in the recent weeks. First, he released EHCache 1.5.0 and soon after came EHCache debugger, but also EHCache Server with a SOAP interface built using Metro (as the WSDL shows).

Greg discusses the rationale behind the SOAP choice on his blog and explains that the server is available as a war archive that can be either deployed in a Java Application Server or simply started using its embedded GlassFish v3 engine. In addition to the SOAP interface, Greg is also working on a RESTful implementation of the EHCache server, this time with Jersey (JAX-RS's reference implementation in the works) under the hood.

EHCache is a popular distributed cache used by many frameworks and applications. Previous EHCache entries on this blog are here.

If you are using or planning to use GlassFish v3 (with or without the embedded mode), feel free to comment here or send us email, we'll happily mention it here.


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