First milestone of GlassFish ESB: a big step for OpenESB

GlassFish ESB logo

The first milestone release of GlassFish ESB is now available. It’s a big step for Project OpenESB: GlassFish ESB is a binary distribution of a subset of OpenESB that will be commercially supported by Sun Microsystems.

Commercial support for an open source project is an important step in its evolution: most companies require commercial support before they will deploy an open source project. That is no different for OpenESB.

OpenESB has seen tremendous growth in the past few years, and with Sun’s commercial support in place, OpenESB will be able to go to the next phase of growth.

As an active and healthy open source community there will always be new innovation and components in various stages of their lifecycle, only components that meet the quality critera and testing as well as the systemic qualities required for a production system are worthy of inclusion in the GlassFish ESB distribution. Obviously other components available in the community will still run on this distribution as well.

Check it out at A getting-started-quickly guide and video are available on that page too, as well as a detailed timeline. The preview form is available now with the final release due in November 2008.

Help us make the product better by trying out the download and giving us feedback on the users mailing list!


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