Feb 5th Webinar - XWiki and GlassFish

This week's webinar is the first of a new, occasional, GlassFish Partner Series.


This week's webinar is on Thursday, Feb 5th, 11 am PT. Vincent Massol will provide an overview of XWiki, the java-based, OpenSource Wiki and collaboration platform. XWiki is supported on GlassFish and is used in curriki and in the new (in progress) OpenSolaris.org Site.

I've asked Vincent to also include a comparison with Atlassian Confluence, as that's what it is currently being used in Wikis.Sun.Com. Time permitting we will also discuss Vincent's experience embedding GFv3 into XWiki, and Alexis would join us for that segment.

Slides and other material will be posted to the Presentation Page; as usual, we encourage your participation through questions and recordings of the presentations will be made available later.

Added Jacob Kessler will be the host for this presentation because I have a last minute conflict.


No way... I precisely wanted something like this the other day! Although they bundle XWiki with Jetty, running it in that way is horrendously slow, and Glassfish totally rules.

Posted by David on February 04, 2009 at 12:21 AM PST #

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