News Features in OpenDS 2.2 Control Panel: Managing Multiple Servers and Recurrent Tasks


OpenDS continues to move forward after the Release of Sun OpenDS Standard Edition this last July. As indicated in the Roadmap the next release is OpenDS 2.2, scheduled for this Fall.

The Roadmap describes a number of features, including Fractional Replication and LDAP Accessible ChangeLog, but Ludo has just published two features in the Control Panel, the ability to Manage Multiple Servers and Support for Recurrent Tasks.

Added - See Ludo's latest post on the Availability of OpenDS 2.1 build-1; and check out his explanation of the OpenDS Release Numbering System.


Why can't I "apt-get install opends" like I can with GlassFish? OpenLDAP is currently the only trivially installable LDAP server in Linux-land, and it's really not all that fun to use.

Posted by Mikael Gueck on September 10, 2009 at 10:08 PM PDT #


Providing debian or rpm packages is on the ToDo list for OpenDS, but it's not on the high priority list and we do not have the resources to do it right now.

OpenDS has a Java Web Start installer that makes it even easier to istall than OpenLDAP regardless of the OS. As a result, I think that native packages are not really needed.

OpenDS is an open source project and everyone is welcome to contribute, especially for OS specific features like debian or rpm packages.


Ludovic Poitou,
OpenDS Community Manager

Posted by Ludo on September 11, 2009 at 01:07 AM PDT #

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