Fast Infoset Update: Interoperability, Utility Tool, WSMonitor, W3C EXI and JAX-WS Implementation

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Several updates on the Fast Infoset front. First, Paul reports on successful Interoperability across 3 FI implementations: Noemax, OSS Nokalva and FI@GlassFish. This is very good; we had previously reported 6 implementations, but two of them are pretty experimental, so there is only 1 to go. Plus products like JEUS get a free pass as they use FI directly from GlassFish.

Other recent news include two tools: one is a utility for converting XML to Typed FI, and the other is an update to WSMonitor to support FI. A slightly older news is that FI was integrated into the latest JAX-WS, and is also in GlassFish V2. As a testament to the New JAX-WS Architecture, the integration task was much easier than before.

And, on a different direction; if you are interested in the details of the Fast Infoset encoding, check Paul's Recent Presentation to the EXI W3C Working Group (blog, presentation).


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