Fast Infoset Support in Noemax's SDO and in Project FIFI

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Noemax's SDO is a fully featured communications and security framework for .NET applications and it now Supports FastInfoset. SDO comes in an LGPL-licensed Open Source version plus 3 commertially licensed versions.

Thanks to Paul for the tip.

Other implementations of the Fast Infoset Standard include Liquid XML and the project which is included in the WS iStack of Project GlassFish which is used in several versions of Sun's AppServer, in some other Application Servers like TMaxSoft and can also be used with Tomcat. Project FIFI has also explored how to plug Fast Infoset into the Windows Communication Framework.

We should arrange for an interop...


Eduardo, I think that having the FI featured in Mozilla/Firefox could be a great opportunity to showromm the benefits of FI ! Any FI team fellow that is also a Moz contributor ? Best Rgs, JB

Posted by bjb on June 02, 2006 at 12:34 AM PDT #

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