Fast Infoset between IBM's JVM and GlassFish

Prague at Night

Oleksiy is reporting on one more product that is implementing Fast Infoset. This time comes from IBM: their SDK for Java 6 Early Release. FI support is not suprising as the Java EE 5 WS implementation seems based on that from GlassFish. Note that IBM's release is an EA - you will need to ask them for their FCS plans.

Other implementations that pass interoperability include: Liquid Technologies, OSS Nokalva, Noemax, WebLogic Server 10 TP, the GlassFish AS (and its Sun distribution SJS AS 9.0), and Sun's JDK6 release.

Check out Oleksiy's blog and the Fast Infoset Interoperability Project at Java.Net. Also check Pauls' activation instructions and a list of Other TA Spotlights on FI.


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