Facelets, Facelets! In the JSF 2.0 Repository ... and NetBeans and Eclipse


Facelets are (almost) here! The Facelets View Definition Framework was designed to complement the JSF technology and will be added to the JSF 2.0 specification - the EDR (Expert Draft Release) actually has a placeholder for them in Chapter 10 (see JSR 314 EDR) and you can check out an earlier definition of Facelets here.

Ryan just pushed the facelets code into the Mojarra (the JSF RI, part of GlassFish) repository - see Commit message (MarkMail Archive, Java.Net Msg) - thanks to Ed for the tip - and we should hear more from that front soon.

Facelets are already supported in NetBeans (Intro to Facelets Tutorial) and hopefully also in Eclipse (in the meantime check out this Note). A couple of other useful pointers are Matthias posts and this DeveloperWorks Article. Also see entries tagged as JSF

Added - Ryan tells me that the plan is to incorporate ideas from both Facelets and JSF Templating into JSF 2.0. I'll highlight the details as they become public.


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