... SVNSearch on GlassFish, NetBeans as a PHP IDE, Facelets now ASL 2.0

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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Eirik provides an Overview and Introduction of SVNSearch.ORG, a browsing/searching tool. He has loaded a number of projects into his repository and shows how to Browse through GlassFish. Other options are Ohloh.Net, Atlassian FishEye and MarkMail. One of the unexpected benefits of GlassFish going Open Source is the ability to use tools that operate on Public code to speed up our developement. The list of tools is unending, starting with Internet search!

Lloyd has written an article at DZone on NetBeans 6.5 as a PHP IDE and Petr shows one of the advantages of this by writting A WordPress Plugin. I think PHP support will expand substantially the adoption of NetBeans; there are a lot of NetBeans users out there.

Matthias mentioned (a month ago, but I just noticed) that Facelets is now under ASL 2.0. Ryan said it was in part to simplify its Adoption into JSF 2.0.


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