Extending GlassFish v3 - OSGi from asadmin


Modularity is important but without extensibility and manageability, GlassFish v3 would not be as exciting. Jerome Dochez, the architect for GlassFish recently posted an entry on Managed OSGi bundles. He discusses the pros and cons of deploying extensions to GlassFish as plain OSGi modules dropped into the modules/ directory or by using the familiar asadmin deploy approach.

Jerome then goes on to write, deploy and test a simple OSGi bundle starting from a Java class using respectively Maven and telnet (to access the Felix Console). This entry is a follow-up to a previous one on the use of Grizzly adapters to extend the application server runtime. Jerome promises a third part to this series focusing on combining Spring, OSGi and Java EE 6, all inside GlassFish v3.

While GlassFish v3 Prelude was released in 2008, you will need to get a promoted build in order to test the features discusses by Jerome. As previously reported, the full Java EE 6 implementation of GlassFish v3 is targeting a final release in September 2009.


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