Expression Language 3.0 / JSR 341 Early Draft Now Available

Expression Language (EL) has been a separate specification since JSP 2.0 but still part of the same JSR. The JSR 341 places EL in a separate specification. The Expert Group released Expression Language 3.0 Early Draft is now posted for a formal review.

Some of the main goals of the JSR are to separate ELContext into parsing and evaluation contexts, adding operators like equality, string concatenation, etc, and integration with CDI such as generating events before/during/after the expressions are evaluated.


Download the Early Draft and and follow the updates at For more information about EL 3.0 (JSR 341), check out the JSR project on The archives of EG discussion are available at jsr341-experts and you can subscribe to the users@el-spec and other aliases on the Mailing Lists page.


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