Even Faster! JSP Compilation with Mustang and GlassFish

An F/A-14C Breaking the Sound Barrier

Most JSP implementations translate a JSP file into a Java source file and then compile it, which means that Java compilation speed is a key factor in the JSP development experience. Recently Jan reported on how to use the JDT Compiler to get a substantial improvement but Kin-Man now reports even Better Results.

Kin-Man updated the JSP GlassFish compiler to dynamically use the JSR-199 APIs when running on Mustang so it can bypass both ant and the file system. The results are very good: JSP compilation is around 10x faster and the JSP test-suite is now running 3.5x times faster!

This is already checked into GlassFish V2 and will be in the next promotion b11, and in the first milestone. And Kin-Man also has further improvements to try out...


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