(Our) Open Source in the Telco Industry - The Open Multimedia Platform framework


One of last week's announcements was the Sun GlassFish Communications Server (Product, SailFin, TA posts). I believe SailFin will play a significant role in accelerating the adoption of the converged (SIP+HTTP) web, and the latest issue of Ericsson Review (01/2009) has an Article explaining the perspective of the telcos.

Quoting from there:

Continuous changes in business environments as well as the convergence of media, entertainment, and communication businesses and solutions require a new approach to system design, pricing, product packaging, deployment, and support.

Traditionally the Telco industry has addressed their extreme requirements (scalability, reliability, manageability) through proprietary software, but this is very expensive and, instead, several of them (Ericsson and Sun included) created the OpenSAF (member list) Foundation to create an Open-Source middleware base platform they can use. And the platform is based on Java EE 5 and uses SailFin.

Thanks to Sreeram for the tip.


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