EJB 3.1 interview on the GlassFish Podcast


Adding to the earlier series of JavaEE 6 / GlassFish v3 interviews, the latest episode of the GlassFish Podcast is an interview on EJB 3.1 with Ken Saks, the specification lead and tech lead of the GlassFish EJB implementation.

This is a two-part interview with part 1 focusing on the new features of the specification - packaging in WARs, the no interface view, EJB lite, Calendar-based timers, async calls, and more. The second part discusses more generally the role of EJB's as part of the larger Java EE platform and how it relates to the new CDI specification for instance. It also covers options for EJB clients, the role left for tools among other topics. Subscribing to the podcast is the best way to not miss part 2.


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