EJB3 showing strong adoption in Germany


Adam Bien reports on very nice EJB3 adoption numbers as reported by a German IT magazine survey. The choices given to participants seem quite fair and give the survey some credit IMO. I wonder how much impact Adam's consulting work and blogging has had on the result! It would been nice to be able to compare these numbers over time (say with 1 or 2 years ago).

EJB 3 was a huge step in the right direction and EJB 3.1 (part of the upcoming Java EE 6) is looking at many improvements such as simplified packaging, read-only beans, singletons, and more. You can start testing some of those new features in GlassFish v3 builds (use Tech Preview 2 for instance) and getting the EJB 3.1 preview container from the update center (bin/updatetool).

More coverage on EJB if you follow this EJB tag.


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