ECharts, Grails and SailFin

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ECharts is a state machine-based programming language which supports Java as a host language. E4SS (ECharts for Sip Servlets) has introduced native support for SailFin some time back. This special build consists of a JSR 289 based application router, which can be directly deployed to SailFin SIP container.

Recently, Gregory Bond from AT&T, has come up with a tutorial style article describing in detail how to use E4SS, Grails and SailFin to implement, build and run a simple converged telecom application. Also checkout some screen shots at the end of the document.


Update on 28 July 2008: A new blog entry has been posted with newer information. A v2.5-prerelease build of the ECharts for SIP Servlets SDK, specific for SailFin, is now available. The blog also contains an application composition example. See

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