Download Numbers for GlassFish - So Far, Very Good.

GlassFish All Downloads

We are going to start publishing the download numbers of GlassFish regularly; this follows the practice of many open source projects, including NetBeans, OpenOffice.ORG and JBoss.

We will report downloads from Java.Net, Sun.Com and NetBeans.ORG monthly, grouped into two numbers, SDKs and Tools. The first installment shows numbers from July 2005 til last month, February 2008, presented as several graphs - for example, the Chart shown in this note shows the SDK at the bottom and then the Tools aggregated on top.

So far, downloads are looking very good; for example, the Feb 08 d/l aggregates were 216,514 for SDKs and 378,686 for tools. I wrote a longer entry at my personal blog (Castellers) that goes into more details and provides context, comparison with JBoss and disclaimers.


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