Devoxx 2010 - it's a wrap!


Devoxx 2010, the largest developer community in Europe (correct me if I'm wrong) with 3000+ attendees is now behind us and by all metrics it sounds like another great success for the organizers (the BEJUG). Get a feel for the conference vibe with these videos.

The main announcement at Devoxx was probably the Java 7 and Java 8 JSRs being filed (along with project Coin and Lambda). These earlier entries will help you parse the announcement and understand what's up next: "how to read a JSR" and "Majority or 2/3rds?".

But GlassFish and Java EE 6 were well represented with well attended (400+?) university talks, a hands-on lab that went really smoothly (and God knows how these things can go wrong), a late night GlassFish BOF with an opportunity to meet users and to gather feedback, and a Java EE BOF. The Thursday keynote by Jerome, Linda and Paul was all about the future of Java EE (more in a later post). JBoss was also there with a soon-to-be released version of their AppServer, also discussing Seam, tooling and more Java EE 6 content. And to close off the Java EE section at this conference Adam Bien had another successful live coding session which drew some very nice comments.

Also worth noting is the release of NetBeans 7 beta, a nice complement to the Java 7 JSRs (more in a later post).

If you wish you had been at Devoxx, you might be interested in subscribing to the 2010 Parleys channel (79 euros yearly). The 2009 channel is now totally free of charge.


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