December GlassFish Stats - the Slow month is not that Slow....


December is usually a slow month and this shows in the number of posts at USERS@gf (927, down from 1359); but not in the latest GeoMap (thanks, Jamey), which shows more IP hits (218715 up from 171182) and only slightly fewer IP addresses (34926, down from 36082).

Early indications from registrations (see [1]) suggest good Download Statistics.

As a reference, I checked on USERS@Tomcat and their posts also went down in December but not as much as with GlassFish, which I attribute to the larger percentage of enterprise users in GlassFish, but, we will see...

The data from the Admin console has the usual overcount/undercount problems. Now that the UpdateCenter machinery (see intro blog) is working properly in GFv2UR1 we should be able to get more accurate adoption statistics; I'll report back in a few weeks.


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