Debugging JavaScript in Phobos just got easier


Roberto announces the .5.1 release of the Phobos NetBeans Plugin which allows you to easily build and debug your JavaScript application. You can build applications using jMaki for the front end and JavaScript (through Phobos) on the server side. The JavaScript debugger in the NetBeans Plugin "has all the expected bells-and-whistles (breakpoints, call stack, variable inspection)" that you would find with debuggers of other languages.

For more information on developing applications using Phobos see Jennifer's lastest post, New Technologies for Ajax and Web Application Development: Project Phobos. This article is currently highlighted on The Server Side.

Phobos is a lightweight, scripting-friendly, web application environment running on the Java platform. The goal of Project Phobos is to show that Java is an excellent platform for server-side scripting, allowing dynamic-language developers to leverage the power of Java SE and EE. The initial focus for Project Phobos is JavaScript, but the design supports the use of other dynamic languages as well.


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