Converged Session and Presence in Sailfin

SIP Communicator snapshot

The previous SailFin post covered a fair bit of ground but somehow managed to forget about Jan's "Converged Http Sessions in SailFin" post. Using the Click-to-dial sample application, Jan starts off introducing us to the ConvergedHttpSession that is defined in JSR 289 (SIPServlet 1.1) before moving on to Sailfin converged load-balancer behavior and SSR (Sip Session Retainability).

In an equally well-documented post, Bhavani shares his SIMPLE SipServlet implementation of a presence and chatting feature powered by Sailfin and based on SIMPLE, the SIP-based protocol for instant messaging (IM) and presence. A screencast and full source code (developed with NetBeans' SIPServlet capabilities) are also available.

As a reminder, Sailfin's Milestone 4 is available to download here.


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