Official GlassFish Documentation on Comet, Reverse Ajax, Ajax Push


You may or may not know that Comet, Reverse Ajax, and Ajax Push are all synonyms and define a way to notify clients from a server. Jean-Fran├žois has written many fine Comet blog entries, but this GlassFish v3 documentation on Comet is a very well written intro to the Comet paradigm and how to use it inside GlassFish v3 based on the Hidden example.

You may also hear from Jean-Fran├žois on Comet in a recent interview from this past JavaOne as well as read Ted Goddard's slide deck on IceFaces and Grizzly Comet from last week's GlassFish Day at Jazoon.

The documentation also discusses the pros and cons of HTTP Streaming vs. Long Polling and explains how to code both.



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